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Our expertise will assist you in exceeding your goals as a successful partner.  As a partner, you’ll be provided the proper equipment and game solution, so you can easily maximize your profits!

Yes, we are ready to help you in three key ways:

  1. Have a question, we'll get back to you...with a timely solution.
  2. Need a repair, our tech support response & repair service is available seven days a week. Your repair will quickly be taken care of in a timely fashion. Our staff handles all the repairs and question in-house - so we keep you profitable.
  3. Ready for more equipment, we are ready to install! We keep an inventory of machines available and a fleet of vehicles to rapidly complete your installations at your locations.

We offer business packages for Gas Stations, Convenience Stores and Truck-stop Locations.

Our Customer Service representatives are ready to help you get all the details of our Redemption Skill-based Game revenue-sharing programs

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