Only YOU have access to ALL records!

Titan Game Machine Point-of-Sale

  • Our complete TITAN System is Legally Compliant with the Georgia Lottery Corporation's rules and regulations.
  • Only YOU can see your total cash flow!
  • Access to confidential data by your staff is limited by Tamperproof Reporting that remains within the system.
  • Clerk can ONLY view their shift cash flow report.
  • Build player loyalty and frequent visits back to your store by saving their game points on their VIP Player Gift Card!
  • There's no need to print tickets on every redemption just put the credits on the Gift Card and go! Our Gift Card reduces the need for physical cash by over 50%.


vip_gift_card_machineIncrease Your Profits!

  • Our unique Gift Card enables players to utilize stored credits in your store and on your game machines only, INCREASING your PROFITS!
  • Build PLAYER LOYALTY and FREQUENT VISITS to your store by saving their credits on their VIP Player Gift Card.
  • TITAN VIP Player Gift Card reduces redemption recycling by turning physical cash into virtual cash. No need to print tickets on every redemption, just put on the Gift Card and go!

Save Credits on a VIP
Player Gift Card

Download our Titan Gift Card Terms and Conditions below

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