Titan Touch Plus Point of Sale System For Retail Stores

As a storeowner, are you in control of your money from your Georgia Skill-base Redemption Games?

Keeping track of the money is, without a doubt, the biggest concern for a Store Owner.  With the Titan Touch Plus system, you can easily track and view your cash when players play the redemption games.

This revenue generating point-of-sale system provides an easy-to-use touch screen menu that seamlessly interfaces with skill-based and non-skill-based redemption game machines. With the press of a button you will know the amount of cash that came in, the total credit awarded, the total credit redeemed, and the amount the split should be.

And all information remains confidential and secure.  And your staff can only view the totals accumulated during their shift.

It works with the Titan Gift Card. The Titan Touch Plus can transfer and deduct redeemable credit from the player’s Titan Gift Card.


How it works, is simple!  When a customer finishes playing a game machine, the store clerk can transfer any remaining game credit from the game machine to a Titan Gift Card.

Store clerks can even transfer credit accumulated on one game machine to another game machine, allowing customers to easily continue playing.

An Outstanding Industry Breakthrough

Our proprietary Titan Touch Plus connects up to an unlimited number of skill based redemption machines at one location.

If your store is not using the Titan Gift Card and the Titan Touch Plus, you may be losing money by not having visibility into all of your redemption game machine transactions.

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