Now is a Better Time Than Ever to Get Involved with the Georgia Redemption Skill Market

If you are Retail Owner waiting to participate in the GA Redemption Skill business, now is the best time!  The law authorizes GA Lottery Corporation to regulate redemption skill games so the industry is alive and thriving!

If you are a Retail Owner already in the GA Redemption Skill business and wanting the very best game machines in your location at no cost to you, our exclusive revenue-sharing program is an ideal choice.

If you currently have redemption skill game machines, look closely at our GA Redemption Skill-based Game suite.  We offer a unique, state-of-the-art game suite to help you profit.  Allow us to replace your machines and help you retain your earnings through our partnership program.


Get the Best Georgia Redemption Skill Game Suite - Available!

Retail store owners often prefer our interactive games suite because it includes:

  1. Titan Game Machine Point-of-Sale to allow you to securely view and track your cash flow.
  2. VIP Titan Gift Card to accumulate game credits on card that only be used at your store, ultimately creating player loyalty.
  3. Captivating Games your players will enjoy playing.
  4. Game Machines that come with BOTH a Bill Acceptor and Card Reader. We offer the ONLY game machines that allow customers both methods for entering credit to play the machines.

You’ll find, we offer the most revolutionize redemption skill-base game suite.  Our game suite entices players to keep playing!

Even our Service Separates Us from other Georgia Redemption Skill providers!

No other company can match the service we deliver to our customers – every day!

  • Ensure rapid installation. With our large inventory of machines and fleet of vehicles, we can make your location ready for profit.
  • Provide captivating games to keep your customers playing.   We constantly refresh our machines with more exciting games to hold your players interest!
  • Experience responsive technical support. We maintain an in-house repair staff to give you support, seven days a week, to keep your profits flowing.  Our support is available 18 hours per day.
  • Count-on support in the future.  As a long-term veteran we work with the state and local governments and the Georgia Lottery Corporation to maintain compliance and keep our industry thriving.
  • Select the trend setting industry leader.  Ultra Group of Companies continues as one of the largest Georgia Skill-based game operators.  We stay on the leading edge to provide products and services to help you thrive and profit.

How does our Redemption Skill Games Suite work in your location?

When players access our Redemption Skill standalone machines they experience the following:

1) Players can enter money into the bill acceptor,  use awarded credit from a Titan Gift Card, or allow a clerk to enter credit from the Titan Game Machine Point-of-Sale system.

2) A player chooses from a panel of theme games to play. With each play the total winning points accumulate. When the player completes playing, he receives a reward voucher that is redeemable for in-store merchandise and other non-cash items excluding: firearms, tobacco, alcohol, or an outside gift card.

The voucher or merchandise cannot be exchanged for or in part for money of any kind.  The rewards can also be accumulated on the Titan Gift Card.  All Titan Gift Card rewards are only redeemable at your store.

3) After the player finishes playing, he can accumulate his credits on the Titan Gift Card.  He just swipes his card at his game machine to transfer the credit to his card.

4) The store clerk will use the Titan Game Machine Point-of-Sale system when the player is ready to redeem his credit from the Titan Gift Card.  Points are redeemed by swiping the card, during the sale.    Players can also redeem credit from a reward voucher.

Our user-friendly games are designed to interact with players.  It involves “some skill” element complimented with captivating animated color graphic images on each screen.  Our redemption games are compatible with peripherals such as: standard bill acceptor and voucher printers.

We’ll install our games in your location.  And if you ever encounter an issue, we’ll provide technical support and repair seven days week.  Your call will be handled within a few hours.  We’ll manage all the hassles (365 / 7 /18) and share the profits with you!


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