10 Reasons to Choose Ultra Group

industry 1. Industry Leader. As one of the largest Redemption Operators in Georgia, available to you is our full trained staff ready to serve our customers.

2. Industry Veteran. To proactively keep the industry alive, we served as Major Sponsor of the GA Supreme court's decision that allowed skilled based redemption games to continue operating in Georgia.

3. Professional Team. For over 20 years our Senior Advisory Team has met regularly to evolve the technology, expand our presence, and lead the way in the industry where we known to set the pace and raise the bar.

4. Profitable Games. Our fun and interactive games are proven to attract new customers and keep them playing repeatedly.

5. Legal Compliance. We maintain compliance with state, county, and city laws along with the Department of Revenue and Georgia Lottery Corporation, allowing you to maintain profitability.

6. Industry Supporter. We are actively involved with industry associations to stay current on regulations!

7. In-House Repairs. To keep your profits flowing a Tech Support Response & Repair service is available seven (7) days a week, eighteen (18) hours per day.

8. Rapid Installation. We have an inventory of machines and large fleet of vehicles to ensure rapid installation for your location.

9. VIP Titan Player Gift Card. Second to none. Turns store credit into profit.  Players accumulate store credit on a gift card. The gift card can only be used at your store, which keeps which players keep coming back.

10. Titan POS System. One-of-kind, allowing both the bill acceptor and the card reader to be used on the same game machine.  This works in conjunction with the Titan VIP Player Gift Card.  It allows you see your total cash flow from your redemption game machines.  Your data remains secure.


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